How an Electric Dog Fence System Saved My Dogs Life

Living on a 10-acre semi- rural property, there is a lot of area on the perimeter my dog could escape from in no time at all.

Being a 2-year-old Kelpie x Labrador, he was full of energy and extremely mischievous when not supervised. Getting out into the neighbour’s property and chasing their livestock had our once friendly farmer neighbour now threatening to shoot him on sight if he caught him once more. On top of that, the other side he could get out on was a busy country road with cars flying by well over the speed limit. Getting the property full fenced was well outside my budget and unrealistic for a small farm

The 2 options I had was to re-home our beloved pet or get an Electric Dog Fence System.

Looking online I worked out the best fence for us was the Dogwatch Hidden Fence 1200FMD Premium with an R9 collar. There are many models to choose online, however I did

There were 3 stages to the fence

  1. Installation – this took us a couple hours from start to finish
  2. Training – we did this over 7 days
  3. Enjoy not having the dog escape


Electric Dog Fence Components

Upon receiving the package, I noticed the quality of the product was much higher in standard than our friend’s cheaper generic fence. The transmitter, which controls the fence system, was powerful enough to do up to 100 acres- more than enough for my 10 acres property. This model uses a FM signal, this means it will not have interference from our colorbond sheds or from the neighbours farm electric fencing. The collar itself was light and well made, coming with a lifetime warranty which is unbelievable in this day and age! My dog was more than happy to put it on each day. One thing that stood out was the quality of the wire provided- much superior to our friend’s generic fence which would break constantly to the point of being useless. The wire was 16-gauge UV stabilised wire meaning it will last above ground in full sun twice as long as other brands wire.


Installation was a breeze. The instructions provided for the Dogwatch electric dog fence system were very straight forward and easy to follow. I myself have no previous experience with these fences at all. I simply attached the wire to our existing farm fencing with zip ties, making a complete circuit back into our shed where the transmitter was place. Across our gravel driveway, we buried the wire in some conduit about 15cm down to make it safe for cars to travel across without any damage to the wire occurring. Between the fence and the shed, we buried it in the earth 15cm deep.


With training, we got the whole family involved. We did 2 sessions a day with our boy, once in the morning and again after school/work. He was picking it up in no time at all however we didn’t start leaving him home along until we knew the training was complete and he wasn’t going near the fence line anymore. The zone of the electric dog fence system was set to about 2.5 meters off the fence line. Once he would hear the warning tone, he would retreat straight back inside the property. Now he does not want to go anywhere near the fence nor the driveway.

Results From Our Electric Dog Fence Purchase

In all honesty, I feel stupid for not getting an electric dog fence system earlier. It has solved our escaping dog issues and the neighbour is back to being friendly. Best of all, our dog is happy to roam around the property, he just does not want to go near the perimeter anymore and has lost his drive to chase the neighbour’s livestock.  He still runs around all day like he always has, he is just not leaving our property anymore. Now all my friends and family want to buy one for their naughty dogs.